Ekaterina Chaban :We felt like part of this magical place

This summer I was lucky, finally, to visit Pelion.I have heard a lot about this place for many times from my yoga teacher, who has been bringing her students there for more than 5 years and from friends who have already been on this tour. And also I saw many photos and videos of this unreal beauty, which they shared in social networks.So I was really dreaming to visit this place. The first thing that impressed  is the comfort and hospitality of the hotel. From the first minute the whole group and I were surrounded with incredible care by the whole family that owns this hotel.

I want to say that I was in different cities of Greece and I was sure that I already know what a typical Greece looks like, but what I saw in Pelion was really unique! I never met such a amazing nature in Greece! Water, mountains, air! It’s incredible!

Of course, this is one of the important reasons that made this vacation so special! In this all fall in love very quickly! In the hotel we were offered a full range of services so that we could get to know this region as closely as possible.

We start our holidays with the boat tour, where we were told the history of this region, showed incredible caves and all the beaches, so we could decided which one we want to visit first.


We also made a stop in the stunning lagoons for snorkeling, saw many fish in clear water, and ended the tour with lunch in a traditional Greek tavern.

It was unforgettable! Like every other day, the unique day that we organized at the hotel: Trekking in the mountains Excursions Shopping Meet the dawn on one of the most beautiful beaches and so on. There are not enough words to thank the hotel and the whole family and all village residents for this unique experience!

Cause, After all, the next day you rightly become here “their own”: in the taverns they know what you like to eat, always bring your favorite drink on the beach, and at the store you will be treated to the most delicious peaches!


We felt like part of this magical place! I’ll be back here for sure! See you very soon, Pelion and Kentrikon!


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