Mia Marianovic: “This is a place for true hedonists, those who always take the best of their lives”

When a dear friend asked me to give my impression and experience the Pelion Mountain and Agios Ioannis, the first saying that came to my head was “RAJ NA LJUDI”.


At the second moment, I felt some kind of fear and that selfish moment to keep it for myself … I would not like to share my paradise … However, I will still do what is human and write from my heart what I mean, with the hope that everyone who reads this will still keep my Paradise, the one I want to share with you, good people.


First of all, this is not a place for everyone … this is a place for true hedonists, those who always take the best of their lives! So if you are not one of them, stop reading.

This is a place for true hedonists, those who always take the best of their lives

Those who recognize you, breathe deeply and imagine … your feet on beautiful, hidden beaches, fascinated by crystal clear waters, which hide the summers with the most beautiful scents … Imagine peace, a delicious food that fascinates your palate with the best domestic wine …


Imagine the climate that is It’s just as perfect-ideal. The path through Pelion to Agios Ioannis is just a sight, a beautiful serpentine, a view of the city of Volos, which is noon shining like a starry sky … waterfalls that cool you, harsh mountain air.


For you adventurers this mountain offers a bunch of contents, from paragliding to diving and all that between it. When you arrive in Agios, the first feeling you will not be able to resist is that you are on your own, you came home! People of good will, real hosts will welcome you from all over the world.
Setaliste by the sea … cafes with cane and souvenirs, for all those romantic souls. Restaurants with Greek specialties, fish that day, italian cuisine and everything for the flavor of taste. Clubs … cocktails … parties, for all those who are parti maniacs. One thing is where you feel good and the one from 7 to 77 years old! I’m coming here with my family here and now I’m 28 years old, uh, my mother is hahah.


And I will continue, I would not change it for anything in the world! I got wonderful friends there for the rest of my life, and I experienced some of the most beautiful moments so far. See you next year in Agios Ioanis. And I just ask you once more shhhhhh ….
With impatience, Mia Marjanovic